Meet William, your newest board member

Unleash the timeless power of Shakespeare into your business with unique training from Full Circle.

Full Circle is the UK’s freshest training company. We combine a rehearsal room style with a little Shakespearean flair to surprise, motivate and inspire peak performance.

Whether you’re transforming your leadership style, presenting to an audience or building a strong team, this is the training for you. It’s dynamic, quirky and unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – Julius Caesar


Transform your impact and the performance of your team with our innovative leadership training.


Develop confidence and credibility in presentation, however large or small your audience.


A fun, creative and irreverent way to bond a team, improve communication and build supportive working practices.

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Full Circle is brought to life by Shakespeare Schools Foundation, a charity that develops children and teachers through the power of Shakespeare.

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