Our Ethos

Our Ethos

"To business that we love we rise betimes, and go to't with delight." – Antony and Cleopatra

Putting on a play involves taking the audience on a journey, affecting the way they think and feel. At Full Circle, we can help you bring this transformative power to your business.

Our workshop sessions, led by experienced actors and directors, introduce you to the tools and techniques of the rehearsal room. 

We will explore how you can use the ‘off-stage’ world of preparation, play and experimentation to enhance performance in the ‘on-stage’ world of your workplace.

In shaping our content, we take our cue from Shakespeare himself. His works contain some of the most compelling and eloquent leaders in literature (among them Mark Antony, Henry V and Lady Macbeth) able to inspire great performances on stage and in the workplace.

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Full Circle is brought to life by Shakespeare Schools Foundation, a charity that develops children and teachers through the power of Shakespeare.

Email: louise@full-circle.org.uk

Phone: 0207 601 1810